Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Week 3 in Aroha 1

Our swimming lesson was engaging and fun with Room 2 students. We were able to listen to the instructions very carefully and make the right choice. We also helped each other inside the pool.

Thank you to all the parents of Aroha 1 for helping and supporting Rowandale School fundraise for Heart Foundation. 
We were able to collect around $15.00 in our class and school-wide we collect $500.00 

Room 1 also enjoyed doing their Mahi (work) while being colourful

Congratulations to Keziah, Pratik and Levi for receiving PRIDE values award #Participation alongside PRIDE band
Also, to Silaga and Samara-Lee for receiving a Duffy award #Caught_Being_Good alongside a book of their choice

Thank you to all the Whanau who came alone to support, and be part of their student's success.
The feeling of belonging and proudness is different when it is celebrated with our loved once.

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  1. What awesome #Swimmers you are #AROHA1 ... thank you for your support of the @RowandaleSchool #RedMuftiDay