Sunday, 29 July 2018

Term 3, Week 1

Congratulations Levi, Salote, Pratik and Silaga for showing commitment and finishing of Holiday Homework. 

Shekinah and Keziah for showing Empathy one of our PRIDE values inside and outside the classroom. 
PRIDE VALUE --> Empathy: Be understanding of other people's feelings

THANK YOU Room 17 for teaching Aroha 1 how to get into google drive, opening their own folder and selecting spelling doc. Inside the spelling document, students need to write the spelling word for the week in different fonts until they feel like they know the spelling word by hard.
Salote and Keziah taking turns while the Tuakana guides.
 Levi and DJ taking turns while the Tuakana guides

Tears of joy were shared as Kaecyus independently went on google drive and worked on his spelling word. He was able to change the font and write the word after being showed just once.


After having turns getting on google drive independently. Tamariki had a good time reading with a buddy and listening to stories from their tuakana.


  1. I was so impressed how well Aroha 1 and Whakapono 17 worked together. Well done!

  2. Looking forward to more of your #BlogPosts this term #Aroha1 about what’s happening at @RowandaleSchool ... #MeitakiMaata