Sunday, 4 February 2018

Welcome to Room 1's Blog

In room 1 we are very lucky to have 3 adults (Miss Nisha with Miss Reed and Mrs Nuuola - TA's) 
to help and support us with our learning

On our first day we did Go Noodle as our brain break and we really enjoyed it!


On Friday we had our buddy class (room 17) coming in our room to help us with our learning.

We played bingo where we asked each other questions such as likes, dislike and, our hobbies. This was great as students got to learn about each other and make the connection.

Miss Perry's class also helped us with our reading 

 We were lucky to have buddy each to read with

This was great as we build whanaungatanga (relationship) and Ahurutanga (safe space) among the Tuakana teina (older and younger tamariki) of Rowandale School. It was also great to see Rm17 students taking the initiative to come at morning tea to check on their buddy.

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  1. Thank you #RPSroom1 for your detailed blog on your first week ... nice to see you taking advantage of your #BuddyClass and #TuakanaTeina at @RowandaleSchool