Sunday, 18 March 2018

for making buddy stay in our class for another week.
We WON the punctuality award for coming to school on time. We only had one latecomer in week 6. We are now aiming to win best class attendance as well as keeping up with always coming to school on time.

We are learning to count backwards from 10... 
We are little smart cookies :) 
BUT we are not perfect, we make mistakes and we learn from it!

In room 1 we love reading our books.
We practice reading with expressions and self correct our errors.

Writing: Melting Ice Cubes
We observed melting an ice cube, we looked at the shape, what it is made of, why it melts quickly in our hands, how it feels on our cheeks, and hands. We sounded out the words and noted down everything we could feel, and see. So that while writing we could always refer to our notes.

Congratulations to Keziah and Elijah 
for getting the star of the week award in our Aroha Assembly.

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  1. Way to go guys and girls. Great to see Hayden getting involved.