Sunday, 20 May 2018

Support staff celebration! Thank you for supporting our Tamariki in every possible way you can and always going the extra mile. WE LOVE YOU ALL!

Aroha 1 made cards for Whaea Nellie and Mrs Seulata (Mama). Levi and Salote very proudly went up on the stage to give the cards on behalf of Aroha 1.

Salote participated in park and walk and got a beautiful water bottle from travel wise team. Big smile and good spirit... Keep it up Salote!

                                                           Hiwi the Kiwi

Hiwi the Kiwi we really enjoyed learning about fishing for the future
Aroha 1 learned; 
-Pick a fish with wet water
-We need to take some ice
- Wear life jackets and make sure our papa is wearing one as well
- Wash the boat and keep it clean

We also learned Kaimoana means Food from the sea :) 

Kinah enjoying lunch play with her classmates...
Flexible and Active <3 Spider Web Fun <3 

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  1. I agree with you #Aroha1 ... our #SupportStaff at @RowandaleSchool are amazing so thank you for celebrating them