Sunday, 17 June 2018

Maths time in Aroha 1 
 Kaecyus and Mary-Jane participating together in learning  new maths game and loving it.

 Solving maths adding problems using materials (Ice-Block sticks)

Pratik and Pritisha's Birthday Party in Aroha 1

Pratik and Pritish (one of our Twins) celebrating their birthday together in Aroha 1. 

Thank you Mrs Preeti (Pratik's mum) for spoiling our tamariki with yummy snacks and delicious cakes.

Aroha 1 & 2 taking pictures with their classmate/birthday girl and boy.

Te'e teaching alphabets to his reading group after finishing their reading task. Well done Te'e productive way to utilise your time.

 Miss Nisha's Graduation
Aroha one was really happy to see my graduation pictures and very pleased that I received those beautiful flowers. Aroha 1 did some amazing writing in regards to Miss Nisha's graduation and about the flowers. 
Making my moments more beautiful with those beautiful and innocent smiles <3 

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  1. Just like #Aroha1 we are also very proud of you Miss NIsha ... love how your children look so engaged in their learning ... nice celebrations too for Bdays!