Sunday, 1 July 2018

Team Whakapono's Science Expo
Today Aroha 1 was super lucky because we were invited to Team Whakapono's Science Expo. We walked quietly into the hall and saw all the science projects. We looked at projects on volcanoes, slime, ice-cream, balloons, lava lamps  and play dough.  It was absolutely amazing and lots of fun. 

Float and Sink 
For inquiry we did float and sink experiment. We took our paper and materials outside to see if our predictions are right or wrong. We ticked if the equipment float and crossed if it didn't. We also wondered why the equipment didn't float or didn't sink.

Salote, Keziah, Patiola and Nahrie used coins, pencil, clip, paper and apple for the experiment. This group was amazed by  the result and wondered why some things didn't happen as they predicted.
Levi, Pratik, Jackson and Ben used apple, toy cars and clip to see weather it floats or sinks. 

Elijah, Maybel and AJ using ruler and paper for Float and Sink experiment.

 Leviticus was curious to see if the toy boat will sink or will it float like the real boat. 

 Silaga, Samara-Lee, Iria and Ben used lego and Jovies for floating. They discovered Jovies sink and lego float in the water. 

Delicious Ice-cream 
On Wednesday 27th June our school was very lucky to receive free Magnum ice-creams from Finlayson Park School. Every children in our school was given one and we were so happy to eat it.

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  1. What a very hands on week you had at @RowandaleSchool #Aroha1 ... Hands on #ScienceExpo with #TeamWhakapono ... Hands on with your own #FloatingAndSinking activity ... Hands of the yummy ice creams lol