Sunday, 12 August 2018

Aroha 1 has a shop called You Learn, You Earn
Tamariki will earn dollars for learning, showing PRIDE values and many more... On Friday the shop will be open, where students can use the money earn in the classroom to buy the desired item.

CONGRATULATION Pratik for doing most reading eggs activities throughout the school... 
Totally deserve the Reading Eggs Medal

Congratulation Hayden for moving to reading level 6
Congratulation Pratkik for doing most reading eggs activites throughout the school
Congratulation Maybel for thinking about others feelings in Aroha 1 (EMPATHY)

 Lialia helping tamariki with their mahi

Whaea Tania taking Tane Mahuta for reading.   Aroha 1 making use of their learning time and                                                                                         staying on task.  We love doing reading eggs

Aroha 1 girls in action... Go girls show up your skills and PRIDE Values. Maybel in action!

Boys showing off with their skills also getting one on one training from coach...

 Hayden showing participation by giving it a go... Well done Hayden you did a great job....

Levi getting one to one coaching to Level Up his ball handling skills <3 

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  1. Great to see Aroha 1 in action at #FMS# and Congratulations to the award winners.