Monday, 29 October 2018

Highlights Of The Week  

Aroha 1 got sausages and bread as a treat from Mr. Vasau and Whaea Lois for coming to school on time and everyday.
Thanks You Parents for your help and efforts with your children coming to school on time
Aroha 1 enjoying sausages and bread
Thank you Mr.Vasau and Whaea Lois

Red Riding Robyn Hood Show
Aroha 1 really enjoyed the show. We had so much fun!!! We also enjoyed how teachers and students got involved and participated in the show.


  1. Congratulatons Aroha 1. It is so good to see you coming to school on time and everyday! It is so important so you don't miss out on learning.

  2. thanks #Aroha1 for your awesome blog ... you are amazing for being rewarded for good attendance and punctuality ... you deserved your sausages 😊