Monday, 22 October 2018

Week 1, Term 4

Opening ceremony of Niuean and Indian Cultural Week 

Making Rangoli
Aroha 1 colouring rice by mixing food colouring in it. 

 Aroha 1 selecting their own Rangoli pattern to decorate with coloured rice.

End Results - Rangoli made with coloured rice 

Team Aroha's Indian Dance Performance - Kaala Chashma

Indian Cultural Group


  1. Great photos Aroha 1! Awesome to see your Rangoli patterns with coloured rice.

  2. Fakaaue kehe haau a gahua uka - Thank you for your hard work #Aroha1 with Niue Language Week and Diwali Celebrations ... Mitaki Lahi Siohohoe!

  3. Was a awesome week enjoyed learning about other cultures