Sunday, 14 October 2018

Week 10 ...

Cross Country 


 Prize Giving for Cross Country 

Congratulations to Aroha 1 boys for taking 1st 2nd and 3rd

Congratulation Jackson, Levi, Salote and Kofe for holding a place in Rowandale School, Year 0 & 1's Cross Country

Maybel's Birthday Bash

 Thank you Maybel's mum and dad for celebrating Maybel's special day with Aroha 1 also for the delicious cake. THANK YOU!

 Maybel's cake from Aroha 1 

Congratulations Jackson and Nahrie for PB4L Awards in Aroha Assembly 

 Thank you Marlon for teaching us about money (notes and coins) and smart ways to save money e.g. in bank or piggy bank. 

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  1. Fakaaue Lahi #Aroha1 for sharing this blog on some of the fun things from Term 3 ... #CrossCountry #BirthdayParty #Assembly #Awards #ASB