Sunday, 26 August 2018

Aroha 1 Making Fruit Salad after reading Fruit Salad book!

We learned the safety around knives and peelers.  We read the book and followed instructions of how to make a fruit salad. After that Mrs Nisha demonstrated the use of utensils and how to make the fruit salad. Then we got in our teams and started peeling the apples. We all got the opportunity to apply peeling skills while peeling an apple. We used Maths to cut the apple in Half and later in Quarters before dicing it. 
 Results from peeling an apple using a peeler 

We really enjoyed eating our Fruit Salad outside in the sun

Boys team out in the sun enjoying their hand made fruit salad
Keziah and Patiola's team having Korero while eating their delicious fruit salad


For warm up we played fruit salad 

We than focused on catching skills. We even got the opportunity to challenge each other in small groups 

We really enjoyed our busy week 

THANK YOU HAYDEN'S MUM FOR BEAUTIFUL KOHA (CONTRIBUTION) TO OUR CLASS SHOP... Aroha 1 can't wait to earn those cool toys! 


  1. Wow Aroha 1! I love the way you incorporated food into your learning! Aroha 2 might have to borrow your shared book during Maori language week so we can have some kai during our learning time!

  2. Thanks for your blog #Aroha1 you are so amazing with your learning at @RowandaleSchool this week ... #FruitSalad #ChoppingAndDicing #FMS #Koha and #Rewards