Monday, 3 September 2018

Fathers Day Celebration in AROHA 1 

Here is the link to our Video & an insight of our Father's and Daffodil day

(Note: No link means no video access)

To: The Parents/Whanau

I just wanted to say a huge huge THANK YOU to all the dads, papa, brothers, uncles, mums, that came on Friday... The kids were so happy and excited to have you around. Also, the food was enough to feed two other classes this is only because of your love towards Aroha 1 Tamariki (students) that made this happen so thank you. All the mums helping with kai (food) thank you. Our awesome cool and loving dads learning how to use snapchat with kids was a success. Every teacher has a dream of having students parents coming together as one huge family. For me, this dream came true on Friday with all your input. Your actions, dedication, and commitment towards your child and me are not unseen. I truly and with all my heart appreciate it and thank you is not a word big enough to show how greatful I am to you. Kind Regards Miss Nisha

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  1. What an awesome and fun Father’s Day Celebration you had #Aroha1 at @RowandaleSchool looks like you had a lot of parents especially dads who turned up!