Sunday, 9 September 2018


Creating a Tongan Kiekie
This activity integrates visual arts, and Mathematics

New Experience for Aroha 1 
We had baby Mele in our class on Thursday afternoon. We made sure we were not to loud. We really enjoyed playing with her. She was a happy baby she didn't cry and enjoyed our company. 

Kofe reading to baby Mele while Ben holds her hand and sits close to her :D

Aroha 1 got really busy this week. We had students doing different tasks such as; 
*Colouring flowers for the keikei
*Buddy reading
*Making patterns with pegs
*Playing and looking after baby. Making sure our voice is not to loud because baby doesn't like to much noise.

Final Products 

 Tongan Whanau Talanoa with Aroha 1
Talanoa: a contribution to the teaching and learning of Tongan 
Aroha 1 was honoured and privileged to have Tongan Whanau coming to teach us Tongan greetings, alphabet, colours, manners also Korero about God (in relation to respect and growing up).

Teachers embracing and engaging in Tongan Language Week
Proud and happy teachers means proud and happy students

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